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Worship Resources

Women's History Month 2016

For the Lenten season and Women's History Month, GCSRW is developing liturgy and sermon ideas spanning from Ash Wednesday on February 10th  through Easter on March 27th. All resources will be available online starting February 8th. Until then, please use the liturgy below to help prepare for Ash Wednesday. 

February 10th, Ash Wednesday Liturgy:

One: Ashes, light, fragile, rising above the consuming fire.
Two: Swirling and dancing on particles of air.
Three: Like Bathsheba and Esther whose dances filled royal halls,
Bowing and reaching, stretching and hoping.
One: Ashes, falling down around us, wiped away without a thought.
Many: Like so many people, stripped of rights and respect, trying to rise.
Three: Like Rizpah and Hagar, marginalized and excluded,
Yet pushing on in deserts of sorrow and despair.
One: Ashes, marking the world with a delicate smudge, marking us.
Many: People, rising and falling, each of us leaving a mark on the world.
Three: Like those who loved despite the cost, like Ruth and Prisca and Mary,
Bold and brave women, who valued love more than their own safety.
ALL: All who dance and twirl, fall and rise, and love through it all
We remember them as we turn toward a season of Ash.

Women's History Month 2015 

For Women’s History Month 2015, GCSRW is pleased to offer a series of sermon preparation notes and resources written by Rev. Hyemin Na that follow the lectionary texts for March and all arise from the wider theme of hearing God’s word from the experiences of women’s stories and proclaiming the call to live out the gospel.


Download All          March 1          March 8          March 15          March 22          March 29


Don't forget to watch our blog for weekly posts about women leaders!

The General Board of Discipleship also has a number of interesting articles and resources for Women's History Month.

Women's History Month 2014: 

Celebrating Women of Courage, Character and Commitment

GCSRW offers prayers, calls to worship and liturgies that can be used throughout the month of March as we mark Women's History Month.  All the liturgies are Lectionary based, and all elements emphasize inclusive and expansive language. 

             March 2              March 9               March 16              March 23              March 30

Women's History Month 2013: 

Women Inspiring Innovation Through Imagination

                                            Bulletin covers                            Bulletin inserts


40 years of Championing Justice for Women

Resources for marking GCSRW's 40th anniversary

(with elements that can be used at other events, too)